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Thank You For Choosing Zymriees!

Your interest in our herd means a lot to us!

Terms Of Sale

A non-refundable deposit of half the purchase price is required to hold an animal. Deposits may be made via Venmo or Paypal. If at any time the buyer decides to back out of the sale, the deposit will be forfeited. Before leaving the farm, goats must be paid for in full. The remaining half of purchase price must be paid in cash at the time of pick up unless other arrangements have been agreed upon. 


Reserving A Kid
We have the right to retain any kid that is born at the farm. 
If interested in a specific breeding, you can contact us to be added to a waiting list. A monetary deposit is not required to be added to the waiting list. Once each kid is born, it will first be determined if the kid will be retained. If not retained, I will contact the first person on the waiting list and the first person will have 48 hours to determine if they want to place a deposit. After 48 hours and a deposit has not been received, I will contact the next person on the waiting list, and so on and so forth. 


All kids will come with an ADGA registration application. We like to keep certain themes within lines and I like to name the animals coming from my farm. It is very possible that I may have a list of names that the buyer can choose from. Or, if you have a name in mind, please run it by me first. 


All animals must be picked up by one month of the sale date or the buyer will be charged $3 per day for boarding fees.


We encourage you to pick up your kid from the farm. However, ground transport options are available. The buyer is responsible for ALL costs associated with ground transport including the transport fee, crate, health certificates, additional health testing and all other applicable costs. The buyer is also responsible for locating a ground transporter and making arrangements that will work for our schedule.


We guarantee a buck in our herd name to be fertile. If he has not settled a doe and he is over one year of age, the price of the animal will be refunded or he can be replaced with an animal of equal quality. Extra costs such as shipping charges will not be refunded. The buyer must send documentation from a licensed veterinarian stating that the buck is sterile in order to receive a monetary refund or replacement buck of equal quality.


1. We have the right to retain any animal in our breeding program.
2. We have the right to purchase 20 straws of semen from any buck we sell (even if we are not the breeder), at the cost of collection.

All animals will be sent to their new homes with a health record and ADGA registration application or certificate. All animals will leave our farm in good health but we do not offer further guarantees regarding the health of the animal once it leaves our farm due to conditions outside of our control, such as stress at the time of moving, exposure to other animals, and management at the new home.

Once again, thank you for choosing Zymriees!

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